Cross Contamination – Bathroom

Have you ever thought about the residents that share a bathroom?  What about the sharing of the toilet and sink?   Housekeeping staff can only clean the bathroom so often, but there are situations where it should be cleaned more frequently to prevent the spread of infection from one resident to the other.  The housekeeping department will take care of the daily cleaning for the facility but what about after each use of the toilet from the residents that share the bathroom?

We see cross contamination going on twenty-four hours a day in every facility.  Residents may have weakened immune systems, which means that its our job to take the necessary steps to keep them healthy.  Do you use disinfection techniques after each resident uses the toilet and sink?  Wiping the toilet lid, handle, and sink fixtures will help.

The need for further discussion from other staff members, the DON, and the care plan team will be a good start.

What do you think?  Should we use disinfect wipes to the toilet and sink handles? Will this help decrease UTI’s and other infections?


2 comments on “Cross Contamination – Bathroom

  1. I think it is very inportant to use disinfectant wipes on all bathroom surfaces that are being shared. This will help decrease infections and cross contamination.

    • Thanks Jennifer! Its great to hear that others are as concerned about patient safety as we are. Nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections are very dangerous and contribute to the rise of antibiotic resistance. We’re in favor of little changes that bring about big results in health and safety for us as CNAs as well as our patients.

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