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What are TED hose and how do I use them?

TED (Thrombo-EmbolicDisease) hose are antiembolism stockings.  They exert pressure on the veins that allow venous blood to travel to the heart.  This will decrease edema (swelling) in the legs.  Sometimes it is necessary to wear TED hose in order to keep an already sluggish circulation from slowing down even more and creating a blood clot.

TED hose come in several colors, white, beige, and black.  You will find an opening at the toes.  That is to allow cooling and skin assessments.  A resident should have a least two pairs so when one pair is being washed the second pair can be worn.

In your resident’s care plan it says that they need to wear TED hose, so now what?  Just put them on your residents like a pair of socks?  I think not!

*CNAs need to remember that TED hose are to be applied while the resident is in the bed.*

  1. Before applying make sure you do a skin assessment and apply lotion if skin is dry.  Do not massage the legs, may cause a blood clot due to sluggish circulation in the elderly.
  2. Apply the open portion to the toes and stretch the rest of the hose to apply up the leg with one fluid motion.
  3. Make sure there are no twists or wrinkles along the length of the leg.  This can impair circulation.
  4. Be sure to check with the nurse or care plan if the TED hose should be removed for thirty minutes after eight hours of wear or to wait until bed time.
  5. Please report any incorrect fitting TED hose to the nurse immediately.  She would have to order a new pair.

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